Home Care

Easy Documentation

  • Intuitive Asssessments Forms
  • Latest OASIS D1 Forms
  • Access your forms anytime, anywhere on any device
  • Document a full range of care plans, assessments, visit notes
  • ICD-10 code lookup
  • Customize your forms to match your agency needs

As a result of the upcoming Patient Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) changes, in Medicare Home Health
OASIS-D is now OASIS-D1.

Some of the new items added with the OASIS D1 include:

The calculation of the 432 Case-Mix Groupings under the PDGM reflects that the Functional portion of the calculation will include M1800 (Grooming) & M1033 (Risk for Hospitalization). The current OASIS-D data set does not include these two items on the Follow-Up/Recertification (FU) OASIS.

The following OASIS items have to be collected at the time of FU prior to the PDGM implementation:
• M1033: Risk for Hospitalization
• M1800: Grooming

We, at On Demand Home Care are One of the first companies that upgraded our systems to OASIS D and we are working on OASIS D1, as CMS announced recently. Better even, we have the Medication database, pre-populated in our system

Scheduling and Intake

  • Schedule and manage caregivers’ schedule real time
  • Easily view and reassign tasks
  • Track care hours for payroll
  • Verify visits at the point of care

Home care services are an essential part of clinical ecosystem these days. They have become an essential source for elderly care. In the current day scenario, for many home care/home health agencies, there is no lack of clients or business coming their way. Key to a long lasting agency is retaining your existing patients. This can be done only by the effective management of support staff and caregivers. This is where technology is coming to aid, for a majority of the home care/ home health agencies. But smart scheduling eliminates the time old process scheduling on paper and thereby reducing the inefficiency that comes with it. But Up to 43% of organizations that have access to enhanced scheduling tools still use paper-based tools or spreadsheets to schedule nurses

At On Demand Home care we have been working with our existing client base and developed a fool proof Scheduling application that can cater to the requirements of a New Age Home care/ Home health agency. You can take your Scheduling to the next level with TEXT alerts to your Clinicians of their service visits.

Business Owners or Administrators can see a bird’s eye view of your entire business schedules or drill down to patient or clinician level scheduled visits. As a user, one can perform multiple tasks such as reassigning a missed visit or deleting in our simple to use Scheduling activity.
• Color coding
• Multiple appointment scheduling
• Notifications for new, changed and missed Visits
• Availability of staff when Patients need to be assigned


  • Track your caregivers’ licenses and certifications
  • Update your employee pay rates and their user permissions
  • Generate your Payroll reports

Billing and Reporting

  • View real-time billing data to make informed decisions
  • Get paid faster by seamlessly invoicing any combination of payors
  • Monitor all your claims at a single place
  • Export, Upload and print your reports/dashboards

ODHC’s web based solution simplifies the everyday task of integrating eligibility, benefits verification, medical claims and payment management. With over 2000 commercial and government payers in the network, you have the tools to get paid quickly and accurately. With reporting analytics and ERAs you can always know where your revenue is, identify and take action on claims rejection, if any.

Whether you are submitting to Medicare or a Commercial payer, with our simple and easy to use claims submission (3 Clicks literally for a RAP) you can, verify the claim and Submit for payment. You can now spend more time, with your Patients by eliminating your manual process, paperwork and accomplish more.